Reflections on a Post-Corona World from a Jewish Perspective (eBook edition)

Manfred Gerstenfeld

In a series of eyeopening analyses, Manfred Gerstenfeld sheds light on the global corona crisis from a unique Jewish perspective. He looks at how the pandemic inspired antisemites to come up with new variations of their millennia-old hatred. He also theorizes about the future of a post-corona world. Will global trade have to adopt new laws to survive? To what level did politicians, the world over, effectively handle the crisis? He posed the same question regarding religious leaders. Will Western society change significantly? Will there be an impact on our cherished civil rights? Will we reevaluate the benefits of globalization? Gerstenfeld tackles these and a wide range of related questions with an open mind. Although his answers are far from the final word on these pressing issues, they provide the reader with lots of food for further contemplation.